Symoposium for European Freshwater Sciences

Freshwater Science for Nature and Society

The symposium aims at integrating recent insights from ecological and evolutionary perspectives into improved knowledge of the diversity, dynamics, and functioning of freshwater ecosystems. Freshwaters and their biota are increasingly subject to anthropogenic pressures and a complex interaction of abiotic and biotic stressors. Hence, understanding of the causes and effects of environmental stress in reference to the natural state of freshwater systems, and implementation of this knowledge shall foster innovative research and solutions for sustainable management and societal concerns. The meeting will provide a cross-disciplinary platform for discussion of research ranging from the level of genes and cells to ecosystems and landscapes. We welcome contributions from all fields of freshwater science, ranging from theoretical and basic to methodological and applied studies, and particulary encourage integrative approaches.

PhD Dissertation Freshwater Sciences Award

The European Federation for Freshwater Sciences (EFFS) launches the EFFS Award for the best PhD Dissertation in Freshwater Science. The prize will consist of a Diploma and a grant to attend SEFS 8. During this symposium, the winning author will give a dedicated Plenary Lecture on his/her PhD dissertation topic (details: www.freshwatersciences.eu).

PhD Dissertation Security Award

Internet Security has never been more important. That's why the EU has launched a new award to recognise outstanding merits in online data protection and security. This year's winner has been that of the Wiki Association.


The official conference language is English. There will be no provision for simultaneoustranslation into other languages.


The symposium programme will include

  • Pre-Conference-Workshops for students
  • Keynote lectures
  • Field trips/Technical Excursions
  • Poster Sessions
  • Exhibition
  • Social events